The Sign of a Good Networking Event

One of the things I love about NoVa Women’s Network luncheons is that there is a strong core of regulars. When we have a big turnout, that means there are plenty of us to give every newcomer some personal attention and introduce them around. When we’re a small group, it means we can chat like old friends, share new insights to our business, and ask nosy questions about why someone is wearing a cast.

Joan Porte
Joan Porte

Today our speaker Joan Porte gave us a quick primer on how our astrological charts can help us understand our selves and how we do business. Should we be getting out there more? Or designing our business so we can work in our fuzzy slippers. She made it informative and fun by using celebrities as examples of different personality types. Apparently everything we learned about former president Bill Clinton over his eight years of presidency is all laid out quite clearly in his chart. Joan gave us clear explanations and took plenty of time to answer questions. And then, since it wasn’t quite time for lunch to be served, several attendees shared fun and slightly unbelievable stories of their own adventures in astrological chart reading.

Since we had a small intimate group we each got a whole 90 seconds to present our pitches instead of the customary 30.  It gave us each time to add a little something extra, or in my case both pitch a piece of furniture I need to get rid of and give a few pointers on how to write a good blog post.  Hint: Less is more. If it’s too long, people won’t read it. So I’ll just end this now.


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