Something unexpected

I always enjoy the NoVa women’s luncheon because there’s always a surprise. This past week, the surprise came in the form of grandma.

Our speaker, Brigitte Polmar, spoke about how to create content for blogs and other social media. That’s a daunting topic for some, to reach out and share the things you know and do with complete strangers.

But knowing now about the amazing women in her life, it makes sense that she understands how to make it work for her.

When it came time for each of us to share who we are and what we do, her visiting grandmother chose to stand up and share her story too. Her story of fighting the glass ceiling. Of being on the ground floor of television. Of raising a family while having and active and high pressure career at a time when women didn’t. Our own Carolyn Grafton shares that background. She was an engineer when women were only secretaries and she was a pioneer in that field for women. All this led to a lively discussion of progress and change and where we were and where we’re heading now. It was pretty amazing.

I’m looking forward to the surprise for next month.

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